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Blog posts November 2016

Far Richer than Solomon

  Richer than Solomon?

After reading 1 Kings 10, we come to an understanding of the great wealth Solomon was given by God. Much of it was gained as gifts for his wisdom- he was sought by men and women throughout the world. Reading about him and his life in the Old Testament, we learn that he was b…

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Apologize and Forgive

  A couple of years ago, on a Friday afternoon, I had a work related disagreement with a co-worker.  It had been a stressful week and we both lost our cool.  I can't even remember what the arguement was about, but it was of little importance.  This took place at the end of our work day and we both l…

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Life's Struggles are Truly a Blessing

The Eagle has the longest life span among all birds. The Eagle can live up to 70 years! But, to reach this age, the Eagle must make some hard decisions. When the Eagle reaches approximately 40 years old, its long and flexible talons can no longer grab its prey. The long and sharp beak of the Eagle a…

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