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Blog posts January 2017

A Servant of Christ

In the book of Acts in chapter 19, we read about seven sons of Sceva that tried to cast out an evil spirit in the name of Jesus because they saw Paul casting out evil spirits. They failed miserably and fled the presence of the evil, spirit possessed man. During the encounter we have it recorded tha…

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A debt free eternity

     Last week I was watching a Dave Ramsey seminar on Youtube.  I have always enjoyed listening to him on the radio, giving financial advice to people who call his show.  The 50 minute video was about getting on top of your financial house.  You need a ladder to get on top of your financial house, …

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"2 B or not 2 B"


                                         B or Not 2 B

   Years ago when I was attending Business College we had an intermediate accounting course entitled "Accounting – 2B." Almost everyday as we went up the steps to the second floor where we had the class, we woul…

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