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A Servant of Christ

In the book of Acts in chapter 19, we read about seven sons of Sceva that tried to cast out an evil spirit in the name of Jesus because they saw Paul casting out evil spirits. They failed miserably and fled the presence of the evil, spirit possessed man. During the encounter we have it recorded that the evil spirit said to them, "Jesus I know, and Paul I know, but who are ye?" That is a question we all need to consider and be able to answer. We have ready answers to these questions: I’m the son/daughter of so and so; my brother(s)/sister(s) are so and so; I’m married to so and so; I’m a job title at so and so company; I’m a member of so and so group or club, etc. Any/all of these would be true statements and let someone know about us but are they all that we are? 

I believe who we are goes deeper than that. Some of them are beyond our control but others we have a choice in determining. We need to stop and consider the values we live by. They play a big part in making us who we are. Our values (by values I mean those things we cling to and live by regardless of situation or circumstance) are something we need to determine for ourselves. Too often people let the world around them shape their values and since the world constantly changes its views, these people see their values changing. We need to look to a better source to determine values.

I’ve chosen the word of God and have not regretted it. Within God’s word, we see that we must love God first and fully (Mark 12:30), love our neighbor (all people) as yourself (Matthew 12:39), and love our fellow christians as Jesus loves us (John 13:34). These three values define me and guide me in my life. When asked who I am, I answer as Jude did, "a servant of Jesus Christ." 


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