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What do you believe?


   Here is just a little background to paint the picture: Out where we live, most blocks are one mile long. A set of train tracks cuts a number of the roads in half as it runs diagonally across them. A few Saturdays ago, I was heading along my normal route when a sign at the corner said, “Road Closed at Railroad Crossing Ahead." It just so happened that my final destination was at the next corner. Seeing the sign, I went the three miles around the block to get where I was headed. At that end, there was another sign that read the same thing. My activity kept me at that corner for a few hours and I observed many cars approach the intersection and slow down for the sign. Many drivers read the sign and proceeded to turn and head around the block, some actually went a few yards past before they could stop, but they then backed up and headed around the block. However, there were a few that slowed for the sign, yet then continued down the road. Each and every one of them then had to stop at the railroad, turn the vehicle around (on the narrow country road with deep ditches) and come back to the corner and go around the block (I should mention that there are no houses past the tracks on that block).

  The thought then occurred to me as to wonder why those few continued ahead. It was clear that they saw the sign- they had slowed down enough to read it. The sign’s message was not confusing, so they understood it. So why drive on? I can only think of two reasons, but there may be others. Either they thought the road was only partially closed or that the sign didn’t apply to them. Both of these are the same as saying “I don’t believe” what the sign says, nor do I believe in the authority of the one that posted the sign. Sadly this holds true when it comes to God’s word.

  Often I hear the expression “I believe in God” or “I believe there is a God," but neither of these are the same as “I believe God." If one believes God, one does what He says to do, one believes that God will do what He says He will do, and one believes what He says about Himself. God (through the bible) explains all these points to mankind. Within its pages we see who God is (and the power and authority He has), what He wants us to do, and what the results will be for the person that does His will versus the one who does not. We see clearly that there is no third option! There is no way to work a deal for just oneself.

  So you need to decide, do you really believe God? I encourage you to look around our website for more information on what the Bible says about believing God and obeying Him and how they go hand-in-hand. Better yet, if you are in the area stop in for our bible study on Sunday morning and Wednesday evening. We also offer a way to get your questions answered via email. Please take this chance to learn before you go past the sign.

 - GB 

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